Jun. Prof. Nicole Altvater-Mackensen: Forschung



My research focuses on the early stages of language acquisition and on mechanisms of speech processing, using behavioral and neurophysiological methods. I am particularly interested in the factors and mechanisms that drive early language learning, specifically the interplay between different domains of learning as well as individual differences in learning and their impact on further development.

Further information (in German) can be found on my lab page.



"The perception/production link in child language: Uncovering the speech production problems in children with hearing loss" (with Dr. Titia Benders and Prof. Dr. Katherine Demuth, Macquarie-University, Australia; funded by the Australian Research Council)

"Understanding structures of different complexity in language and action: Parallels in development and neurocognitive processing across domains" (funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, part of the national Reserach Unit Crossing the Borders: The interplay of Language, Cognition and the Brain in Early Human Development)

"Lips are to… see: The role of visual speech information in early word learning" (Internal University Research Funding)